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Shop Pennsylvania home, life business and auto insurance rates, policies and coverages. Get free PA insurance quotes at myagentethan.com.

Ethan is passionate about helping his clients purchase the insurance coverage they need – no more, no less. Life can be unpredictable, and Pennsylvania insurance protection can help you and/or your loved ones deal with the unexpected. Just watch the daily news – storms, house fires, theft, fatal car accidents – you get the idea. These are real risks that we face everyday in PA.

Even a simple accident with the wrong person could mean financial disaster if you aren’t protected. Imagine if you pulled out of your driveway this morning, and in your drive into work you looked down to pick up your coffee. Then you accidentally rear-ended neurosurgeon who had to miss work for the next year while recovering from whiplash. You could be out the cost of auto repair and medical expenses, plus $500,000 or more in lost wages… Where would the money come from to cover those costs? How would you cope financially?

I know these occurrences are not pleasant to think about, but they can happen to us at any time. If we prepare now to take care of the “what ifs,” with the proper insurance protection, we can save ourselves major emotional, physical and financial hardships.

As you go through the changes in life like: moving, graduating from college, renting an apartment, purchasing a home, getting married or retiring, your insurance needs change. If you don’t look at your risks with these life changes, you might not be protected.

Get in touch with me if you would like to know more about Nationwide, or if you are in Pennsylvania and looking for auto, homeowners, renters, life, business or other insurance coverages, call me and request a free, no obligation PA insurance quote.


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