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About My Agent Ethan

My Agent Ethan is Ethan Andrew Kosmin. Ethan proudly runs a Nationwide insurance agency serving the great state of Pennsylvania.

In Ethan’s Words:

The preservation of my client’s assets and their financial protection against accidents and disasters are my primary goals.

Ethan Kosmin
The cornerstone of my agency and the key to its success has been my ability and willingness to serve my clients in a professional, direct and timely manner. I am licensed insurance agent in Pennsylvania, and I am involved in continuing education studies to maintain my level of expertise and professionalism.

I offer my clientele the best insurance value – finding the most affordable coverage available to protect their financial resources. I take the time to truly understand what assets you have at risk; now and into the future.

I will never pressure you to do business with me. In fact, I only enjoy working with people who I am comfortable with, and are comfortable with me. We should enjoy our relationship, and I will tell you right away if it turns out we are not a match.

Please feel free to call me at 800-821-AGENT (2436) if you want to discuss your insurance needs.

Warmest Regards,
Ethan Kosmin
Ethan Andrew Kosmin

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