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An Action Plan for Hurricanes


? Insure the car with a company that specializes in classic and collector cars and offers an agreed-value policy.

? Keep all documentation in a secure place.

? If the garage is susceptible to flooding, arrange backup storage that’s inland or on higher ground. The insurance company may help with moving the car.

? If water rises high enough, a car stored on jack stands could float away. If a lift with a safety lock is available, raise the car on it.


? Photograph the car and any damage, if possible, and call the insurance company.

? Do not try to start the engine or drive the car until it has been inspected.

? The sooner the car is thoroughly washed inside and out with fresh water the better. Drain all the fluids to remove contaminated water. Have professionals do the work.

? Work with the insurance company to negotiate a price in advance of repairs. Locate a qualified repair shop that has expertise with your make and model.

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