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Insurance coverage for firework accidents

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Playing with fireworks is a tradition for the Fourth of July, but it also poses a very real danger.

There’s always insurance if something does go wrong, but most insurance agents recommend leave the light show to the professionals.

Todd Winn is starting his Fourth of July by shopping for fireworks at a local shop.

He also is like most Americans, he has a story to share when it comes to close calls and fireworks.

“Years ago, I was a kid and my grandmother lived in Michigan and she had a ton of old firecrackers and me and my cousin were lighting them and half of them didn’t blow up so we put them on a pile and threw a match on it and it was sitting there and sitting there so we walked up on it and all at once it just blew up,” explains Winn.

According to the Indiana Department of Insurance property damage from fireworks gone wrong can cost around $36 million.

Experts say, a firework accident falls under homeowners or renters liability coverage, but that’s if the one responsible even has insurance.

“They could file it under their own policy and then their insurance would legally come after the individual after them for compensation,” says Jennifer Osborn with the Osborn Insurance Agency.

Osborn says if you have homeowners’ or renters insurance usually there’s coverage, but she recommends before you play with fire check your coverage.

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