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Pennsylvania Car Insurance Facts

To be able drive lawfully in Pennsylvania, you have to purchase PA auto insurance. It covers you against financial loss in the instance of an car crash by paying for damage to your own automobile or injury to other person or damage their property.

Premiums vary among PA car insurance companies, so if you know the Pennsylvania car insurance facts and comparison shop, you could save a lot of money.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Facts

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Facts
Know The Pennsylvania Car Insurance Facts – Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your PA insurance company. Pennsylvania law requires you to have in effect the following 3 coverages to be street legal:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – pays medical and rehab treatment costs and any damages for injury you cause to other individuals. Minimum in PA is $15,000/$30,000.
  • Property Damage Liability – pays to fix or replace someone else’s property that you damage. Minimum in PA is $5000.
  • Medical Benefits – pays medical expenses for you or other people covered by the policy, irrespective of fault. Minimum in PA is $5000.

PA auto policies also include a number of elective coverages, such as comprehensive and collision, that can be bought based upon needs. It pays to know the Pennsylvania car insurance facts.

If you are stopped for a moving violation and you do not have PA car insurance coverage; you can face the possibility of fines, a driver’s license and vehicle registration suspension, and automobile impoundment.

Learn How To Save – Most insurers offer discounts. For instance, nationwide offers over 21 discounts on Pennsylvania car insurance: 21 Nationwide Insurance Discounts.

Tort Coverage – You can select full or limited tort coverage option. Each enable you to sue for medical expenses. Full tort provides you the right to sue fopr damages – which can include pain and suffering. Limited tort gives PA drivers a discount on their premiums.

Deductibles – By selecting higher deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage, you can lower your premiums. Keep in mind that the deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket – before your insurance kicks in.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Facts

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