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Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance

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Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance

Whether your Ursina Pennsylvania home is a house, condominium, mobile home or duplex, or even if you are tenant renting – it’s essential you are properly protected and insured from flooding. Many homeowners are not aware that their homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage in PA. Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance is one of the only ways you can protect your home and belongings from flood losses.

A Few Facts About Floods & Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance

1) Floods Happen Everywhere

Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance
Floods occur everywhere and for any number of reasons. Even Pennsylvania areas not known for flooding may unexpectedly end up having to deal with the problem at some point. Ursina, PA can flood under certain conditions.

Floods are mostly unpredictable weather related events and can be the result of one or several circumstances coming together to create the problem. The very essence of their origin means that Ursina floods are mostly uncontrollable and impossible to predict.

2) What Ursina PA Flood Insurance Covers

Pennsylvania flood insurance helps pay for damages after flood up to:

  • Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance covers damage up to $250,000 for your building and up to $100,000 if you purchase contents coverage. Contents coverage is not automatically included in a standard flood policy.
  • For businesses, Ursina, PA flood insurance covers damage up to $500,000 for your building and up to $500,000 if you purchase contents coverage.
  • Pennsylvania flood insurance policies are available in three forms: Dwelling (homes and individual condominium units), General Property (other residential buildings (apartments, etc.) and businesses) and the Residential Condominium Building Association Policy Form (residential condominium buildings). Renters are also eligible to purchase a flood insurance policy.


  • Structural damage
  • Foundation elements
  • Cleanup after a flood
  • Sump pumps
  • Well water tanks and pumps, cisterns and the water in them
  • Oil tanks and the oil in them, natural gas tanks and the gas in them
  • Pumps and/or tanks used in conjunction with solar energy
  • Furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Electrical junction and circuit breaker boxes and required utility connections
  • Stairways, staircases, elevators and dumbwaiters
  • Unpainted drywalls and ceilings, including fiberglass insulation

3) What Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance Doesn’t Cover


  • Damage caused by moisture, mildew or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner
  • Currency, precious metals and valuable papers such as stock certificates
  • Property and belongings outside of a building such as trees, plants, wells, septic systems, walks, decks, patios, fences, seawalls, hot tubs and swimming pools
  • Living expenses such as temporary housing
  • Basement improvements like finished walls, floors or ceilings, or personal belongings that may be kept in a basement, such as furniture and other contents
  • There are also some exceptions for coverage in areas below the lowest elevated floor of your home
  • Enclosed areas under the first floor used for storage; the contents will not be covered by flood insurance

4) Ursina Flood Insurance Covers Certain Cleanup Expenses

It also covers damages to your heating and cooling system and repair or replacement of flooring, according to the policy.

5) Flood Insurance Is Backed By The US Government

Most Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance is administered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Since standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, it’s important to have protection from the floods associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains and other conditions that impact the U.S. In 1968, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to help provide a means for property owners to financially protect themselves. The NFIP offers Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners if their community participates in the NFIP. Participating communities agree to adopt and enforce ordinances that meet or exceed FEMA requirements to reduce the risk of flooding.

6) You Will Receive A Timely Settlement

As part of the National Flood Insurance Program, Nationwide provides helpful Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance customer service and efficient claims handling. That means you can make repairs and recover faster from covered losses.

Make sure you consider Ursina Pennsylvania flood insurance coverage. Ethan can help you choose the coverage fits your needs and your budget.

Ursina Pennsylvania Flood Insurance

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